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December Visits!

Sunday 1/22/2017

Dear Classmates, Mounties, Family & Friends,


It's with tears in my eyes and a heavy heart I need to inform you of the peaceful passing of Bro. Francis yesterday at 6:12 AM.  I just returned home from my annual retreat where I was informed of his passing yesterday morning. 


Although his passing is sad, now we know that he is blessed to be with our Lord Jesus Christ in paradise.  Please keep Bro. Francis in your thoughts and prayers.


Rafael S. Adames

MAI '58



Dear Rafael:  Thank you for all you have done communicating with us all.  May he rest in peace!

Rich Jusseaume


Querido primo,te acompaño en estos momentos de tristeza por la muerte de Bro Francis,aunque no lo conocí personalmente sé que fue un gran hombre,que marcó una etapa de tu vida,que descanse en paz,un abrazoGustavo Batista Vargas

Hi Rafael,

Many thanks for your very thoughtful updates on Brother Francis.  I know how close you were to him, not only as a former teacher, but as a very close friend. May God bless his new residence. RIP Brother Francis.

Kind regards and your friend,

Wayne Lashway



Thank you for sharing your visits with us!  Brother Francis was a true role model for many of us to set our goals on.  We all will miss him

Don Recore




Bro. Francis - Visit 1/11&12/17


Dear Classmates, Mounties, Family & Friends,


Sue and I with heavy hearts entered Bro. Francis' room.  Bro. Henry informed us that Bro. Francis had a "bad" day on Tuesday but that today (Wednesday) he was having a "good" day.  Soon after our entering his room, Bro. Francis having difficulty speaking we did understand him to say, "Life is not always fun!".  Immediately our spirit was lifted knowing that he still had his sense of humor.


Recently, some of you sent me messages of prayers and regards to extend to Bro. Francis.  When I mentioned each of your name and message, he smiled and said a few words that I "understood" for me to tell you thank you.  I'm sorry to tell you that during the time we spent with Bro. Francis, Bro. Henry, Sue and I tried to help each other in translating his words as a result, we lost a substantial amount of his communication.  Since Brother can't be moved from his bed, we had lunch in his room.  Bro. Francis being the man that he is, refused to eat lunch until lunch was brought to us.  With effort and demonstration of faith, he with great difficulty led us in prayer.  Playing in the background, there was soothing classical music that Bro. Francis enjoyed.


On Tuesday evening, Sue and I were guests of the Brothers in Alfred.  We stayed in their beautiful and comfortable guess house.  Wednesday morning, after attending Mass in the Chapel, we had the pleasure of eating breakfast with Bro. James and Bro. Raymond.  Bro. Mark stopped by during breakfast to briefly extend his greetings.   Soon after, we had the opportunity to speak with Bro. Jerome regarding Bro. Francis' present condition.  He informed us that Bro. Francis now has 24 hours room coverage shared between Brothers, friends and an overnight caretaker.  It was a pleasure to be in Francis Hall, a new wing facilitating the quality of life for the Brothers.


On Wednesday morning we stopped by to see Brother Francis prior to our returning to CT.  Brother was not having a "good" day.  He was being constantly attended by nurses and due to medication he was sleeping most of the time that we were with him.  However, there were brief period of times that he was aware of our presence and tried to say a few words.  Due to his soft speech and inability to control his tongue, we were unable to understand his words.  As we were ready to leave his room, Sue and I expressed our personal message to him.  As we were leaving, we spoke with Bro. Henry regarding our thanks and appreciation for his care and assistance to Bro. Francis during these difficult times.


Please remember Brother Francis' final journey in your prayers.








12-2-2016 + 12-3-2016 Visit


Dear Classmates, Mounties, Family & Friends,


Last week, Sue and I had the pleasure to visit Brother Francis.  As usual, he enjoys having visitors and his spirit soars when he sees you.  I do have to tell you that my heart was heavy as I entered Bro. Francis' room.  He was sitting on his chair, with Bro. Henry at his side, listening to a beautiful rendition of Gregorian Chant.  As we entered the room, he smiled and with a strained, delivered voice greeted us.  His warm and spirited welcome more than made-up for the fact that he is not able to greet us with the customary hand shake and "abrazo", since he is paralyzed from the neck down.


You can't be around Bro. Francis without soon feeling up-beat, in good spirit, and mentally refreshed due to Bro. Francis' being an interesting conversationalist.  Our two days visit passed as if it were just a few minutes.  Yes, his tongue feels "tied down" but his will power / determination to pronounce every word clearly, allow us to have wonderful discussions on:  Brothers, students and being a principal at the Mount; his early days at Walsh; and the wonderful people in Africa. 


What else lifted my spirit and gave me strength during the visit?  Here is a man who is dying right in front of us...yet...he continued expressing concern for the future of our country and the world; the direction of education not meeting the needs of all students; and  other social issues.  We also discussed at length, the  accomplishment and impact that the Brothers have had on many young people that have lasted generations.  He is still able to have a soft laugh and enjoys good humor.


Brothers James Lacasse and Raymond Fortin surprised Bro. Francis with a visit while we were with him.  The conversation between Bro. James and Brother Francis was electrifying with the glow of happiness shown on Bro. Francis' face could have brought a ray of sunshine at midnight.  The next morning, Sue and I were having breakfast with Brothers James and Raymond.  Bro. James expressed what is in all of our minds when he said, "Brother Francis is an inspiration to all of us on how he has handled his illness (sic)". 


On Saturday afternoon as Sue and I were returning to Connecticut, we looked at each other and we started to smile.  We entered with a heavy heart and left in good spirit.  We arrived while he was listening to Gregorian Chants and we left as he started to listen to a recorded historical book.  We smiled because we had the pleasure to be with a good man...a man of God.  We smiled because we had the pleasure of staying with the Brothers in Alfred; with educators who gave of themselves to make a difference in our lives.


Brother Francis may be weaker in body but not in mind, heart and faith.  Your positive thoughts and prayers are always helpful.


Rafael S. Adames   MAI '58


Dear Classmates, Mounties & Friends,


Sue and I wish you a Happy New Year.  May the Lord bless you and your family in 2017 with Health, love and peace. 


Recently, in my correspondence, I mentioned that we were to visit Brother Francis between Christmas and New Year.  Due to my experiencing a terrible cold since the middle of last week, we had to postpone our visit.  Last Friday, we spoke with Bro. Francis to inform him of my cold.  Bro. Francis, although having more difficulty speaking, was most gracious in giving us his Christmas and New Year's blessings.  During our brief phone call, he also express thanks for the Christmas Card.  We agreed that we will be in touch during the first week of January in order to plan our next visit.


During these festive days, let us remember Bro. Francis and the Brothers in Alfred with our prayers of thanksgiving for being at our side and guiding us during our formative years.


Rafael Adames

MAI '58

Status of Brother Francis Blouin